Game Feedback


“[My wife] would not

role-play, no interest in

plastic pirate ships, etc.

Then I saw T&T at a local

store, looked over your

website, and bought the

game.  We have played one

game so far and she won.

She asked for another game

a few days later!

    Thank you for designing

a game that is easy enough

to play and teach for new

or non-gamers but still retains

enough strategic options

that [it] can interest lifelong

gamers, too.

   I look forward to an





“I must say, I've been

really enjoying Treasures

and Traps. I've been

looking around for a good

lightweight stand-alone

fantasy/rpg-ish style card

game for quite some time,

and Treasures and Traps

certainly fits the bill.

   What I like most about

the game is that the rules

are simple, yet the variety

of cards allows many

creative combinations to

be played, and that the

game is generally over

pretty quickly. It's a lot of

fun. Funky artwork too. “

—Joe from Massachusetts

“Treasures and Traps is
my all-time favorite non-
electronic game.”
—Alex from Wisconsin

“This is a REALLY great
game…can I put it on my
Facebook site?”
—Ally from Harvard

“…we played it this weekend
and thoroughly enjoyed the
game. We felt that the 100
unique cards were an
outstanding feature.”
—Rosa from Brown Box, Inc

“This is a great game, and
thanks for showing it to us
at Gen Con.

—Nathan from Gen Con

“We just picked your game
up! This is the BEST game
I’ve played in years. Thanks.”
—Mike & Tina from Gen Con




Latest News




Be ready! Treasures and Traps is going online. It will be available as a multi-player video game app and online game by GENCON 2012. See you at GENCON! Come play at our booth.


12-12-07 (update 1-13-08)


Well, nothing good comes without a wait. But at last the expansion for Treasures and Traps has arrived, our online store is HERE visit, and the German language edition is here: Krallen und Fallen.




The release of the first expansion for Treasures and Traps will be available this November! The expansion will add new cards to your existing deck, and provide Class Cards—a play variation where you take the role of a hero with unique attributes.




Treasures and Traps™ is appearing in events at Gen Con 2007. One is a for fun team tournament and another is a learning session. You can register here.




Treasures and Traps™ was nominated for the Origins Award, best Card game of the Year. If you are coming to Origins in Ohio, don’t forget to vote for your favorite card game.



Toy Fair

Treasures and Traps™ will have flyers at the GAMA Booth Feb 11-14th at the Toy Fair in New York.



German Language Edition!

Great news! German speakers be on the look out for Pegasus Spiele’s release of the German language edition of Treasures and Traps™





Treasures and Traps™ will be at the Gama Tradeshow in
Las Vegas at booth #413 right behind Steve Jackson Games.



Indy Update

Gen Con was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who helped and visited. Our booth was honored to see so much traffic and so much fun. Due to the volume of questions and comments we have moved the Q&A to the GAME section.





The game has officially arrived! Thanks to Agnes, Shirley and Jennifer everything looks fantastic. Special thanks to Ada, Teresa, and Tom from Cargo Tech, for getting all the cartons here safe and sound. Stay tuned for the best place to get your copy.




Production Samples

The game samples have arrived and they look awesome!





The game is on the press and is set to arrive in the states near the end of June. Look for us at GenCon in Indianapolis.





The Treasures and Traps™ web site went live!





The printer proofs sheets for the game arrived. They look fantastic!.








Lastest Interview Online:


The 2nd interview in the show






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about the best gaming
event ever! See you there!