Card Count


Each Deck has 100
unique cards. They are:


21 Treasures
(7 bronze, 7 silver, 7 gold)

21 Creatures

18 Non-treasure Items

14 Places

9 Traps and Doors

7 Events

6 Surprises

4 Companions








RESULTS: Creative Game Designer Contest!


Winner: Tasanee VanOrman (You’re on your way to being a great designer)

Honorable Mentions: Cassie Hoover and Joel Flank (Good try, it almost hit the mark)


Thanks to everyone who participated.


Think you have a great card idea? Send us your description and you might win our Treasures and Traps Designer Contest. Just email here and provide your name, address, and phone number. If your card is selected for the up-coming expansion you will receive a game credit, a free expansion game, and some “Mystery Treasure.”


Entry Deadline: July 30, 2007 (passed)



The Game


Treasures and Traps™ is a game for 2-6 players ages 10 and up. The 2-player version averages 10 minutes a game. With 3 to 6 players add 10 minutes for each player. To speed up 4 or 6 player games form teams and try the team variation (see game rules).


Below is the full version of Treasures and Traps™ showing the 100 cards, game box, and rules (6-sided die not included).





The rules for play can be downloaded here.




Ask The Game Maker


If you have questions about the rules contact us.



Q: Can the Dragon (or Vampire) take items from two different players' realms, or must it be two items from the same realm?


A:  This is clarified in the game errata. The first line of the Dragon text should read “Select up to 2 ITEMs from any realm(s).” Therefore you may pick 2 realms and you may only do 1 ITEM if you wish. In the errata the Heal spell is clarified. The final sentence should read, “Count this move as a free action.” The final errata for Mystic Moment is that the final line should now read “End Mystic Moment once you have had a chance.”




Q: Can you put a player in an infinite loop? For example if you place Rune on a Door, a Jail and a Door, or 2 Doors in another players realm. Are they trapped forever?


A:  No. If more than one card command a player to take a specific action then that player has the option on which card to defeat first and second. The only exception is the Rune, which must be defeated first, then the Door or Jail under it.




Q: If Mystic Moment enters play and a player gets their one item taken, will he be eligible for a turn in the “moment” if it hasn't reached him yet?  Or are only players with zero items when the card is first played eligible?


A:  Player eligibility is determined when it becomes their turn in the “moment.” Also, Mystic Moment lasts only 1 round of turns.




Q: “When the vampire is defeated for the first time, does the victor get to choose what item they get, do they have to take the "top" treasure, or is the treasure selected randomly?” —Joe (Stow, MA)


A: The victor selects an item. (The logic is that the Hero defeats the Vampire and starts to loot its lair. When the vampire returns to life the hero flees or takes another action to attempt to finish off the vampire for good. Once that happens, the final loot can be collected.)




Q: “If a creature steals an item, and that item is a treasure chest, does the creature take the item inside it as well?” —Linda


A: The chest protects the items inside. So, in fact, the creature just gets one item, and therefore, takes the chest, not the item inside. (The logic is that the defending player is using his chest as a decoy once the brute arrives.)




Q: “Is this a [collectable card] format game or does every deck contain the same 100 unique cards?” —Craig (East Hampton, CT)


A: Treasures and Traps™ is a stand alone game with the same unique 100 cards in every deck. For a 2-6 player game you will only need one deck.




Q: “[What happens when I use Fairie Dust on the Vampire]”? -Ernest (Maumee, OH)


A: Fairie Dust defeats the Vampire and you place the Vampire into your hand. Since the Vampire is removed from play, all the Vampire’s items go into your realm. So basically, the pixie dust not only defeats the Vampire but puts him to sleep...meanwhile, you are able to snag ALL of his loot.




Q: “Can a player use a "SURPRISE" card while they have a locked gate in front of them?”  -Nathan


A: Since a surprise card doesn't take an action, and the door (or jail) just stipulates that the play may take "no other action..." you can do things that don't require actions (i.e. surprise cards, using a potion or the robe, getting back to 5 cards in your hand, or talking smack to your opponents)




The Game Maker


C. Aaron Kreader is an award-winning illustrator and game designer with over 15 years of experience. Beginning as a game master for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, and working on AD+D titles for the PC as an artist was the beginning of his “adventure.” Aaron later designed the original award-winning game titles Warwind and Warwind 2. Aaron’s current artwork can be seen in Brilliant Star magazine. 


(below) Treasures and Traps™ designer and artist C. Aaron Kreader holds up the completed cover for the game box.