Unrivaled Finals 2017: Congradulations to all the 4 finalist and all the participants in the Unrivaled Finals in Las Vegas. Enjoy this video of the final action Saturday night!

Event 2017: Villagers & Villains is part of the nation wide UNRIVALED tournament! You and your sponsoring store can win 50,000 as the tournament winner. Check it out here.

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Release info: Villagers & Villains: City Builder expansion and supplement was released Aug 30th 2015. You can get a copy of the expansion here.

Release info: Villagers & Villains: The Borderlands expansion was released July 15th 2014. The expansion provides 22 unique new cards—each with a dynamic not seen in the base game!

GenCon Interview/Video Featured on The Spiel

Show GenCon 2016: Booth 1809

Show GenCon 2015: Booth 455

Show GAMA Trade SHOW 2015: Booth Impressions

Show GenCon 2014: Booth 454

Show GAMA Trade SHOW 2014: Booth Impressions

Show GenCon 2013: Booth 465

SHOW Origins 2012: Booth 1553

Green Bay 2012: We will be in Green Bay WI March 30-April 1 for Let’s Play Green Bay! We will have a number of events for our games. This will be a fantastic show for family fun and gamers alike. Check out the website.

C2E2 and PAX EAST 2012: We will be in Chicago April 13-15 for C2E2 in Artist Alley. Check out the website. We will also DEMO games at PAX EAST April 7-8 at the COMPLETE STRATEGIST booth.

Essen: Look for our products and many other great products at FLYING BUFFALOs booth at Essen Spiel Oct 20-23 2011 (Essen, Germany), DunDraCon Feb 17-20 2012 (San Ramon, California).

GenCon 2011: We had a great show at GenCon 2011! Special thanks to our friends at Flying Buffalo at Studio 2 at Games Plus for their support.

Villagers and Villains is Released in the United States and Canada: On June 24th 2011 the first shipment arrived. The game is made available to the public.