Hello, welcome to Studio 9. We are a husband and wife team who formed a family-friendly multimedia studio in 2005. Our illustrations, books, animation, and games have earned several awards. Please click through the menus to find samples of our work, an online store, and more.

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Lisa Blecker and C. Aaron Kreader

Lisa Blecker

I received my BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in painting and illustration and completed the coursework necessary to become a certified art teacher in the state of Florida from Florida Atlantic University. For over nine years, I’ve taught and facilitated art, community service, and positive character trait development classes inside and outside of the public school system with diverse children of all ages. Currently, I live in Evanston, IL and work as a freelance writer, illustrator, content developer, and editorial consultant for Studio 9 inc. and Brilliant Star magazine. Often serving as project manager and creative director, my individual and collaborative work on children’s picture books, animation, magazines, and games have garnered several awards including a BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AWARD honor, MOM’S CHOICE AWARDS honors, and a TOY MAN AWARD OF EXCELLENCE.

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C. Aaron Kreader

At Carnegie Mellon University I studied illustration and drawing. After graduation I worked  for a small game developer near Pittsburgh called DreamForge Intertainment doing game design and illustration. Then I worked as a staff illustrator and graphic designer in a corporate environment in Boca Raton while completing my MFA in digital art at Florida Atlantic University. Since 1999, I have been working as a staff illustrator and graphic designer for Brilliant Star magazine. In addition, I have been doing freelance illustration and graphic design for Studio 9 Inc. creating picture books, comics, games, graphic novels, and more. Recently my work has received awards from SCWBI (Merit awards for magazine art), the RCC (Best of Class and Award of Excellence for art), MOM’s CHOICE (Gold and Silver for book design), GAMA (Origins Silver Honor for Card Game of the Year), IBPA (Ben Franklin Silver Award for book design) , and the TOY MAN (Award of Excellence for book design).

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