Hello, welcome to Studio 9. We are a husband-and-wife team dedicated to producing family-friendly illustrations, books, animation, games, magazine articles and activity pages. Since the company’s inception in 2005, our projects include fun and often thought-provoking content that celebrates humanity’s rich diversity. From entertaining works that spark up imaginations and creativity, to those that also encourage the development of qualities helpful for eliminating prejudices and making other positive life choices. Many of our products have educational value and promote universal themes and principles such as kindness, respect, and unity in diversity. One of our games, “Charms: A Game of Insight”, is a fun, easy-to-learn party game where everyone finds their inner sage and tries to write the wisest answer to each player’s burning question, received these awards: Parents’ Choice 2018 Recommended Award Winner and Serious Play 2018 Silver Medal Award Winner, and it was selected as a 2018 Mensa Mind Games® Competitor. Another, “Treasures & Traps: The Adventure Card Game!” won an Origins Silver Honor for Card Game of the Year. Please click through the menus to find more award-winning products we’ve created, other samples of our work, and an online store.

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Lisa Blecker and C. Aaron Kreader

Lisa Blecker

Lisa Blecker is an award-winning children’s book writer, illustrator and a co-game creator whose books include “The Good in Me From A to Z by Dottie”, “Blessed Is the Spot” and “Sweet Neighbors Come in All Colors”. She and her husband, Aaron Kreader both graduated from Carnegie Mellon University where they studied art and illustration. They run a family-friendly multi-media and games publishing company called Studio 9 Inc. Lisa is also a regular freelance writer, artist, and concept developer for “Brilliant Star”—an award-winning international children’s magazine inspired by the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith. She received credentials for teaching art in the state of Florida, and her experience in education inside and outside of the public-school system informs and influences the materials she creates for children.

Samples of Lisa’s work:

C. Aaron Kreader

Aaron Kreader is an award-winning illustrator, graphic designer, and game maker. He worked for a game developer near Pittsburgh called DreamForge Intertainment doing game design and illustration. He then worked as a staff illustrator and graphic designer in a corporate environment while completing his MFA in digital art at Florida Atlantic University. Since 1999, he has been working as a staff illustrator and graphic designer for the award-winning Brilliant Star magazine. Additionally, Aaron and his wife Lisa formed Studio 9 Inc in 2005 to create children’s picture books, comics, games, graphic novels, and more.

Samples of Aaron’s work: