Studio 9 Games
Villagers and Villains: Borderlands

The Borderlands adds new cards to Villagers and Villains—a humorous fantasy game where you build a village on the edge of civilization. For those who have played the game, you know the fun comes in the variety of how the game will unfold with 100 unique cards. The unusual card combinations, and diverse ways to score, make each experience feel fresh and the path to victory different each game. The Borderlands expansion provides 26 additional unique cards to bring even more variety to this favorite fantasy town building game. Some new features include: Cards that bring back other cards from the discard pile (hello lost pairs!) Cards that can pair 2 times for double the pairing bonus! Challenges that might help you (and in some ways hurt you). Some mild "take that" cards to annoy neighboring towns. New ways to make money for your town (some rather risky), and much more!