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Charms: Antiracism

Quests for Antiracism is an expansion for Charms: A Game of Insight, or it can stand alone as discussion or reflection prompts. For use with the Charms game, Quests for Antiracism is best with 3-8 players • Ages 12 and up • 30-90 minutes. Charms can be used to gain insights into almost any topic. No subject is too light, heavy, shallow or deep. Players use their minds, hearts, and creative problem solving skills to help each other gain new perspectives, understanding, or ideas for positive action. In the context of this game, even the heaviest of quests can become lighter.

In this expansion of Charms, the focus is on one of the most important topics, racism. Studio 9 Games and collaborators view racism as the most vital and challenging issue facing America. We understand that everyone belongs to one wonderfully diverse human family, we're all created noble, and we all deserve equal rights and fair opportunities. We also know that our collective well-being, peace, and security are dependent upon rooting out racism and prejudices, and that the sincere attention and sustained participation and action of all peoples are what is required to succeed in its elimination. While having conversations about racism is a necessary step towards creating justice and liberty for all, talking about it can be uncomfortable and challenging. Charms gameplay helps facilitate dialogs for antiracism with families, friends, or groups in a way that offers every player the opportunity to share and be heard.


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