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Villagers and Villains: City Builder

City Builder (AVAILABLE NOW) expands and supplements the Villagers and Villains base game. In City Builder each mayor gets 2 City Upgrade Tokens. Mayors use these tokens to develop their village by placing them on the new City Cards. Since 18 City Cards come with City Builder, and each time you play the game a few City Cards are used, players get a wider variety of game experiences. During play, mayors gain added play options by placing their City Tokens on any available City Card. Each City Card in the expansion grants unique abilities—and provides added points to the final score—for up to 2 mayors per card. The City Builder expansion comes with components and rules to increase the maximum number of players from 5 to 6. In addition, this expansion comes with 6 town mats to give your village an identity, provide a quick reference guide for game play, and to organize game components, tokens, and gold. The City Builder expansion also comes with exciting new options, including: team play, cooperative play, and house rules for added variety.


Villagers and villains: City Builder box contents